A Purely Positive Approach

Hi! I'm Sarah Dean, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. I have been training, teaching and consulting here in northern Utah Valley since 2003. I provide private lessons in your home to address individual needs and concerns.

My services fall into four broad categories:

  • Puppy Training gets your new pup off to a solid and positive start during the formative weeks that shape their personality for life;
  • Behavior Modification to address issues such as shyness, fear or aggression;
  • Consulting on a wide range of issues, e.g. housebreaking, troublesome behaviors, multi-pet households, Pet Sports (obedience, competition, agility, etc.); and
  • Boarding and Day Care in my home provides your pet with a loving and welcoming family environment where they have the opportunity to be with people who love them, take walks and play.

Dogs have an incredible ability to learn; and they want to please! Just like a child, they can be taught to make good choices. The key is understanding how dogs think; how they communicate; and using their natural instincts, with positive reinforcement, to shape behavior and form habits that will make your dog an enjoyable and responsible companion.

Teaching methods that emphasize force or punishment are no more effective with dogs than they are with children. They invariably damage a dog's trust in people and lead to problems such as submissive urination or fear-based aggression. Dealing with dogs that have such problems requires patience, love, understanding and a purely positive approach to teaching to help establish or reinforce a dog's trust in people.

We refer our patients with behavior problems to Sarah. We appreciate the way she interacts with our patients and clients and are very happy with the results we see.

Richard Lamb, Owner, Intermountain Veterinary Services

For more information on how we can help you, give me a call or drop me an e-mail at k9connection@gmail.com. Looking for more information on positive training, puppy selection, housebreaking, etc. check out www.dogstardaily.com


Making your best friend, a better friend!

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